Voice of the Youths

Two Young people, representing the World Ocean Network and whom had prepared messages and documents for the United Nation Conference, are participating in the Rio+20 conference. They assisted and organized a various activities.

Clément Bacq & Vivek Brutus’s impressions :

Clément Bacq

“Taking part in the Rio+20 conference was a great experience. When I left France, my objective was to make things change, to plead for the Oceans. But I soon had to face the reality of the formal side of the official conferences and side events, where in the end there was no place for participants to make their voices heard.

This being said, we did our best and we made a speech during the Oceans Day @Rio+20, in front of the main stakeholders of the oceans.

Our actions mainly took place at the People’s Summit, a place definitely more informal, where we distributed passports of the Citizen Of the Ocean, organized debates or a “Carrier of Words” action.

We met the people present at the events in order to explain them our cause and moreover, to give the possibility to the young to be heard concerning the ocean. I realized that all initiatives start from the base, from the civil society. And there was a strong will to change things, to act for our future.

Finally, thanks to these events, I have the impression that I have fulfilled my mission and now I feel more involved and I want to spread this Voice of the youth for the ocean.

I am really optimistic for the future, and I will continue my actions in order to raise public awareness about the economic and social potential of the oceans and the youth.”

Vivek Brutus

“We observed at Rio+20 a strong will to change the way the world works. I think that although the conference seems to have failed at the political level,  it enabled all the actors of the sustainable development to realize that they are not alone, that there are people sharing the same ideas in other countries. I hope this conference will enable the setting of new projects and exchanges between different NGO or people, in order to try to change the world.”


Side Events Oceans by TARA 20/06

Wednesday June 20th, a Side event on the oceans organized by Tara Ocean took place in the Blue Pavillion at the people’s Summit.

During this event, TARA had confirmed its commitment with the World Ocean Network on the Blue Society Concept.

A video report by Oceans Inc is available here

World Ocean Network and four partners to create “The Alliance for Seas and Oceans”

During the Rio+20 conference, the World Ocean Network, Nausicaà, Tara Oceans, Green cross and Sea Orbiter have decided to join their voices in creating “The Alliance fot the Seas and The Oceans”. This Alliance wants to “Speak up with one voice at an international scale to convey our message for the seas and the oceans”

By the end of 2012, the Alliance will propose guidelines aiming to “a joint project toward a governance of the oceans

This Alliance also aim to promote the “Blue Society“, created by Philippe Vallette and developed by Nausicaa and World Ocean Network.

“We want to set in motion an economic, social, environmental and cultural ‘movement’. Each and every one of us has their place in this new society; we propose to build it together in a cooperative spirit, without conflict. The ocean’s wealth and resources belong to us all, they must be shared equitably, and we are all responsible for them.  In this new society we call the “Blue Society” we are all stewards of the ocean: for the sake of today’s generations, and those to come.”

For more information, find the complete post on Tara Ocean website.

source: Tara Océan / actu-environnement

Rio Ocean Declaration

Calling for strong and immediate action to meet the sustainable development goals for oceans, coasts, and small island developing States (SIDS) at Rio+20 and beyond
Co-Chairs’ Statement of The Oceans Day at Rio+20, June 16, 2012
Rio Conventions Pavilion, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
On behalf of the global ocean community, including stakeholders from all sectors (governments, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, industry, and scientific institutions) gathered at The Oceans Day at Rio+20, the Co-Chairs of The Oceans Day at Rio+20 declare the following: Rio Ocean Declaration