Oceans Day @ Rio

Rio Ocean Declaration

The Global Forum for the Oceans organised on June 16th 2012 a thematical day for the Oceans. The Aim of this day : “make progress the cause of the Oceans and Coasts at Rio+20 and beyond.”


The Ocean is essential for the three pillars of the sustainable development and on the development of the life on the planet.

The Ocean bring to billions of people a essential source of proteine, regulate the global climate, stock the CO², enables the exchange of merchandises via sea transport. Moreover, ressources of the ocean are used on medical purpose (cure of the cancer, gentetic…). Finally, Ocean has a deep cultural value.

However, the impact of the overfishing, pollution, growth of the demography et climate change threaten the ability of producing ressources and basics services.

The Rio+20 conference represents an opportunity to make progressing the long-lasting running of the oceans, coasts and developing Island States at a superior level, and to face  new challenges and emerging opportunities.


This event gathered representatives of governments, international organisations, NGO, Industries and of scientific field for :

  • Keep acting in order to lead with strong oceans during negociations of the conference, based on the priorities of Rio+20 which have had been expressed par the oceans community.
  • Present great initiatives in order to encourage action for the oceans, coasts and Developing Island States after Rio+20.
  • Studying opportunitie and Challenges for the implantation of the decisions about the ocean which will emanate from the conference

Results   Rio Ocean Declaration

The co-presidents of the event, after consultation et contribution of the co-organisers and sponsors, produce a statement which established the recommendations that will make progress the cause of the oceans within the sustainable development. The Earth negotiations Bulletin and the Global Forum for the Ocean produce a substantial summary of the event.

These information will be distributed to all the member states delegations attending the negotiations of Rio+20, submitted during the thematic day about the oceans for the governments, which will be helded just before the Rio+20 conference, and wildly distributed through networks and Global Forum for the Oceans’ Medias, the Earth negotiations Bulletin, the Rio Pavillion Conventions and other co-organisers and sponsors.


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