World Ocean Network and four partners to create “The Alliance for Seas and Oceans”

During the Rio+20 conference, the World Ocean Network, Nausicaà, Tara Oceans, Green cross and Sea Orbiter have decided to join their voices in creating “The Alliance fot the Seas and The Oceans”. This Alliance wants to “Speak up with one voice at an international scale to convey our message for the seas and the oceans”

By the end of 2012, the Alliance will propose guidelines aiming to “a joint project toward a governance of the oceans

This Alliance also aim to promote the “Blue Society“, created by Philippe Vallette and developed by Nausicaa and World Ocean Network.

“We want to set in motion an economic, social, environmental and cultural ‘movement’. Each and every one of us has their place in this new society; we propose to build it together in a cooperative spirit, without conflict. The ocean’s wealth and resources belong to us all, they must be shared equitably, and we are all responsible for them.  In this new society we call the “Blue Society” we are all stewards of the ocean: for the sake of today’s generations, and those to come.”

For more information, find the complete post on Tara Ocean website.

source: Tara Océan / actu-environnement

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