The World Ocean Network gets involved in the Rio+20 Conference

Welcome on The World Ocean Network’s Blog

The World Ocean Network is an international association working to raise public awareness on the importance of the ocean for humanity and about the impact that our everyday actions can have on the marine environment. The association brings together organizations involved in public outreach and which are committed to taking action. This includes aquariums, museums, science centers educational charities and non-governmental institutions and organizations. By participating in the Network organizations operating at local community level can showcase their initiatives and inspire others around the world. By acting through local organisations the Network is able to carry out its science outreach campaigns, reaching millions of people, raising public awareness and disseminating information about ocean preservation to a broad audience.

This blog will keep you informed of events about Oceans and the climate change, discussed at the United Nation Conference for Sustainable Development of Rio, which took place from the 14th to 22nd june. The World Ocean Network was accredited for the different conferences in order to participate in the negotiations with the will to play a major role within this summit, raising the problems linked to the protection of our global ocean, and to promote the “Blue Society” concept which proposes a blue economy based on long-lasting and equitable use of the sea ressources.

This Blog not only aims to report in live from the current events of the Ocean tackled during the Rio+20 conference so that you can broadcast the information to your public, but also to be a real platform of exchange, that enables you to share your ideas, points of view or issues in order to convey the message during the conference.


Philippe Vallette

Co-Chair World Ocean Network

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